Billiards Table Tops

Billiards Table Tops

The slate used by Ardosia Nacional to make its billiard sets is called “Matacão” and is a unique type of slate specially suited for the manufacture of billiard table.
Slate is the most important part of any pool table and how well the table will play. Playability in a pool table is a function of how flat the playing surface is and its ability to remain flat throughout its life time, regardless of room temperature or pressure on its surface.
In this regard three key physical characteristics are critical in the slate:

  • Hardness
  • Flexural strength
  • Moisture Absorption rate

In all these criteria Matacao slate stands out as the premier material when compared with other raw materials, such as Italian and Chinese slate, used for making pool tables.
Its hardness, tested by SGS Testing Company, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is rated 8.5 on a Moh´s scale. Its flexural strength, or the ability to withstand deformation under pressure, is rated 6.845 psi on average, using ASTM C880 testing standards.
But, most importantly, is the very low humidity absorption characteristic of Matacão slate, rated at 0.18% (ASTM C121), which means that this raw material has virtually no propensity to absorb water once it has been processed, thus making it immune to any warping which can occur with slates which have a higher moisture absorption rate.
Ardosia Nacional only uses premium Matacão slate slabs which are cut to our client´s specification with the use of automatic machines. The modern gauging and pocket holes cutting machinery designed by Ardosia Nacional can ensure a perfectly leveled playfield with a maximum flatness tolerance of 0.3 mm.
In accordance with international norms.


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Billiard Table Tops with Frame

Billiard table tops are available with frame and unframed. The framing of billiard sets can be made with natural wood (pine), MDF (medium density fiber wood) or particle board in accordance to the client´s specifications.