Raised Slate Floor

Raised Slate Floor

The raised floor is a system assembled with structured slate plates, supported by height-adjustable supports, so that a gap is created to accommodate electrical installations, air conditioning ducts, electrical cables, etc.
The characteristics of this ARDÓSIA NACIONAL product make it an excellent choice when the objective is to combine cost, durability and safety. The raised slate floor is produced by ARDÓSIA NACIONAL using the hardest Matacão slate ever found in nature; 8.5 on the Moh’s scale (SGS Test, Oklahoma); which provides a high resistance to concentrated and distributed load on slate boards.
Tests carried out in laboratories in Brazil and abroad are available to interested parties.
ARDÓSIA NACIONAL raised floors have high levels of acoustic insulation, helping to muffle the transmission of noise to the lower floor.

Learn more advantages of this product:

  • Economic and versatile, since slate has an excellent cost / benefit ratio;
  • Greater load capacity, due to the resistance and hardness of our slate;
  • Uniform level, thanks to the calibrated thickness of the plates;
  • Easy access to the installations under the floor, as all panels can be removed separately;
  • It provides an excellent aesthetic aspect, since it can be covered with carpets, laminates, formulas or even the floor itself when the surface is polished;
  • High security due to the coordination of system components;
  • Application areas: areas with a concentration of facilities;
  • Plate dimensions: according to customer specifications;
  • Plate thickness: according to customer specifications.

Raised floor tests on concentrated loads and distributed loads