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Located in the heart of Brazil’s main slate mining region, ARDÓSIA NACIONAL is an active participant in the extraction, fabrication and distribution of slate.

ARDÓSIA NACIONAL came to being due to the extensive knowledge of slate, and technical background of Tomaz Duarte Machado, the company’s founder, who’s been at the helm of operations of their own quarries, since 1975.

The company is run by Tomaz and his three sons and daughter who occupy positions in administrative and engineering capacities, always seeking higher product quality and customer satisfaction. This goal is continuously met as the company invests in research and development of machinery and equipment, aiming to find answers to projects technical specifications and the peculiarities of slate.

A leader in quality in slate for billiard tables, ARDÓSIA NACIONAL also offers a large variety of slate products such as slabs, flooring tiles, roofing tiles, steps and risers, door sills, dividers, furniture and special order products, in the colors graphite, gray, rust, petroleum, purple and green, meeting the highest international standards of quality.

The company takes great pride in making sure that all steps of production are in perfect harmony with the environment, without harming it in any way.

ARDÓSIA NACIONAL always tries to achieve more than just the expected satisfaction of its customers in order to keep them faithful to the ARDÓSIA NACIONAL quality.