Who we are

Factory - Commerce

Active in the industrializationcommercialization of slate since 1997.

Located in Brazil’s main area of slate mining operations, Pompéu, Minas Gerais.

ARDÓSIA NACIONAL came into being because of its founder, Tomaz Duarte Machado, considerable experience and technical knowledge in the slate field, and his active participating in the mining operations of his own slate deposits since its beginning, in 1975.

The company’s management is made up of the founder and his sons, administrators and engineers, who from the very beginning always sought to improve the quality of their products and the satisfaction of their customers, investing in technology, innovation and training.

A leader in the billiard slate segment, ARDÓSIA NACIONAL also offers a wide variety of slate products, in the form of raised floor, slabs, rock dust, steps, thresholds, partitions and bespoke products, in order to meet the most demanding international quality standards.

One of the great concerns of the company is to supply products that fit within the environmental preservation norms, interacting in perfect harmony with the environment, without harming it.

The company is committed to going far beyond the satisfaction of its customers, always seeking to provide products that exceed their expectations and make them loyal to the quality standard ARDÓSIA NACIONAL.


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